This and That

What have I been up to lately, you might ask? Or some of you might, that is. Best answer: Just taking a moment to catch my breath and refocus my goals.

It’s been a very busy year or two for me with little time to write. A truth that I hope to change soon. So, your next question might be, just what have I been doing that has postponed my writing? That’s a good question and I’ve really no good answer. Many things are happening in my little world that require my time and attention, leaving me little or no time to write, or maybe the better answer is leaving me too drained to write. But I do see the clouds lifting, by golly there really is sun hiding under there 🙂 Things change, responsibilities shift or fade, stress ebbs and flows depending on the situation and we adjust. Life goes on, as they say…who is THEY anyway? But THEY are right. Hopefully, we come away stronger from the experience.

As for now, I’ve begun plotting an Urban Fantasy Series. Short sets, sort of like the Adventures of… That feels good, just imagining the scenes. I’ve a little research to do before jumping in, but I think I’m ready. And I think I will finally have time to continue on my fantasy novel. Something that I’ve had to set aside, still in sight, but growing dusty from lack of attention. Returning to the WIP will be like revisiting an old and dear friend.

So, there you have it…a little this and that and no real excuses.