Hello from Kim

Hi Sheri! 

Thanks for letting me come by. I Love the look of your site. You did a wonderful job covering all the information on Death Masks and Firestorm of Dragons these past couple of days. I appreciate that a lot. If anything, this virtual book tour has been good for my ego. Grin.  Seriously, I've received so much positive feedback that I'm inspired to spend a lot more time on the two books I'm revising and the handful of short stories I'm working on.  It's humbling and exciting at the same time. Y'all be sure to leave your comments and questions. I'll bop in to answer them and each one counts as an entry for the prize drawing. We have one left to do. It's a chance to win a copy of either book, a tshirt or cd from the metal band who is featured in the Death Masks video book trailer.