Storyteller Tales

Elfen Gold – A Storyteller Tale

A Storyteller Tale

ISBN: 978-1490597188

“Gather round. Aye, gather near, and I will spin you a tale of magic from a time long since lost to lore. Come and I will tell of elves and the kingdom of Ra-Jee, a kingdom now forgotten in the mists of enchantment. “This tale is one of sacrifice and sorrow, yet one of hope […]

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The Birth of Spring

An Enchanted Storyteller Tale

When the Winter King stays the wheel, refusing to allow the season to turn, the Summer Queen has no choice but to declare war. Yet, there is one within the southern realms unwilling to see the people of Faery wage war. Astara, daughter of the Summer Queen, has taken it upon herself to journey alone […]

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Sheri L. McGathy