Pre-made Covers


Please visit my Cover art website for available pre-mades (search for title at the site) or to request a custom cover creation. Any covers listed here may or may not still be available – this is more a mirror page. My cover site has all active, still available covers! Sorry for the trouble!!


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Examples   SweetHomeCountryE  SweetHomeCountry-300x215

                           CountrypleasuresE-214x300  CountrypleasuresFlat-300x219

Pre-made Covers

Special note: Publishers and authors, if you like something or several, I am more than willing to sell the cover(s) to you now and do the text at a later date when you have stories ready to go with them. This includes the paperback creation if you purchased that option. Or I can sell you a high res jpeg of the design minus the text. Just drop me a note, we can work it out.

I have various genres, but they are all spread out and mingled in true Sheri fashion down this page. I invite you to take a leisurely stroll through what I have listed and look at it as a sort of adventure or a treasure hunt 😛 You just never know what you’ll discover! Click on the thumb to enlarge the view!


Once sold, I do not resell that cover design. Period!