Portals installments Announcement

Hi all,

Sorry for being so quiet, we've had things happening in that other life of mine, the one that isn't a writer, and it has caused this life to stall a bit.

Having said that, I've decided to post monthly chapters of a book I started eons ago, but for some reason decided to let it sit, and sit, and sit!

The novel, PORTALS, is only half done, and I don't see ever completing it as one I would seek for publication. It was written back in the day of blissful unawareness to POV changes/head hopping and all that good stuff. And I decided to leave it just as it is, I say that now Embarassed

Of course, when we arrive to the spot I have to write, the halfway point, there might be a change in style because the bliss has fled, I now am so aware of all the no no's, I don't know if I could write with the abandonment PORTALS was first crafted from. Some of the magic has faded.
Who knows.
So, I guess I'm just warning you that I will begin posting monthly chapters here. I hope you enjoy the story thus far, and I HOPE when we arrive to the point where I stopped writing on this tale, I can trudge forward and complete it.
I am also working on a WIP that I do want to try and shop around, so it will be a juggling act for me. But maybe it will get me back into my world of writing!
Anyway, look for the chapters to start this week.
 Talk soon!
May the Magic always Brighten your World!