Pre-made Covers


My Heart My Home Set, $75 for E and Paper

myheartmyhomeE   myheartmyhomefull

Sweet Home Country Set, $75 for E and Paper

  SweetHomeCountryE  SweetHomeCountry-300x215

                             You also may like: Country Pleasures Set, $75 for E and Paper

                           CountrypleasuresE-214x300  CountrypleasuresFlat-300x219

Pre-made Covers

Please note: Payment must be made in advance.

Special note: Publishers and authors, if you like something or several, I am more than willing to sell the cover(s) to you now and do the text at a later date when you have stories ready to go with them. This includes the paperback creation if you purchased that option. Or I can sell you a high res jpeg of the design minus the text. Just drop me a note, we can work it out.

I have various genres, but they are all spread out and mingled in true Sheri fashion down this page. I invite you to take a leisurely stroll through what I have listed and look at it as a sort of adventure or a treasure hunt 😛 You just never know what you’ll discover! Click on the thumb to enlarge the view!


These are pre-made covers for e-books and ready to go. Once sold, I do not resell that cover design. Contact me via my contact page if you’re interested in purchasing one. Please include book title and author name to be used along with the listed file name you are interested in and any subtitle or teaser text needed. I request that you pay for pre-made covers in advance. After I receive your order request, I will email you the purchase/payment information (Paypal e-mail information). I usually use Paypal. Once payment is received, your cover/covers will be completed and sent to you. Normally, I can turn these around fairly quickly.

Please do check back often. More to come with varying price ranges. For E only: Once payment received and cover is retitled, you’ll receive a High Res front plus various resized versions of the E cover you purchased.

Please note, price extra for paperback flat creations unless the tag states pre ice is for both E and paperback flat. If you are looking at a front only and wish me to create a paperback flat, let me know so I can quote the additional costs. In addition to the information listed above, I’ll need the blurb, the book size, the type of interior paper as in cream or white, and page count. Once cover is completed, you’ll receive all the files for the e-book front along with the pdf of the paperback flat. Contact me and we’ll work it out.

Pre-mades are priced as is, with only a small amount of change built into the text due to the sample text verses the final titles. Please note that if you request changes beyond the simple ones stated above, there will be extra charges. All sales are final. 

If a Front is all you want from the sets below, contact me and we can sure work it out. Thanks.

Other new genres offerings will be posted below the Christmas offerings for the time being. Thanks!

And finally, if you like the title I have on the pre-made cover, you can certainly use it.

Just let me know!!

Christmas Covers!

All I Ever Wanted Was You, $75 for E and Paper

All I Ever Wanted Was You, E  All I Ever Wanted Was You

Not Even a Mouse, $75 for E and Paper

not even a mouse E  not even a mouse paper

Tapestry, $75 for E and Paper

tapestryE-195x300  tapestry-300x218

Sweet Home Country Set, $75 for E and Paper

SweetHomeCountryE  SweetHomeCountry-300x215

Country Pleasures, $75 for E and Paper

CountrypleasuresE-214x300  CountrypleasuresFlat-300x219

The Quest, $75 for E and Paper

The Quest E   The Quest

Blood and Fire, $80 for E and Paper

bloodandfireE-195x300  bloodandfire-300x218

Sweetest Sensations, $75 for E and Paper

SweetestSensationsE-201x300  SweetestSensations-300x218

Forbidden Love, $75 for E and Paper

ForbiddenLoveE-195x300  ForbiddenLove-300x218

Stealing My Heart, $75 for E and Paper

Stealing My Heart E  Stealing My Heart

Invitation to the Ball, $75 for E and Paper

Invitation to the Ball E  Invitation to the Ball

Time Keeper, $75 for E and Paper

Time Keeper E  Time Keeper

The Calling, $75 for E and Paper

The Calling E  The Calling

To Resist The Calling, $75 for E and Paper

To Resist the Calling E  To Resist the Calling

Face the Wind, $75 for E and Paper

  Face the Wind E  Face the Wind

A Pirate’s Man, $75 for E and Paper

A Pirate's Man E  A Pirate's Man

All Our Tomorrows, $75 for E and Paper


Night Lights, $75 for E and Paper

Night Lights E   Night Lights

Predator, $75 for E and Paper


City Nights, $75 for E and Paper

CityNightsE-200x300  CityNights-300x217

All My Yesterdays, $75 for E and Paper

All My Yesterdays E   All My Yesterdays

My Highlander, $75 for E and Paper

My Highlander E  My Highlander

Ancient Lore, $75 for E and Paper

Ancient Lore E   Ancient Lore

  Lover’s Tryst, $75 for E and Paper

Lover's Tryst E  Lover's Tryst

Run Free – One; Stay Free – Two (Western), $75 each for E and Paper

OR $140 for both covers (includes E and Paper for both)

Run Free E  Run Free

Stay Free E  Stay Free

To Face the Unknown (Western), $75 for E and Paper

To Face the Unknown E  To Face the Unknown

To Avenge the Heart, $75 for E and Paper

To Avenge the Heart E   To Avenge the Heart

Quitting Time, $75 for E and Paper

Quitting Time E  Quitting Time

Remember Me in your Dreams, $75 for E and Paper

Remember Me in Your Dreams E   Remember Me in Your Dreams

The Magic of Twilight, $75 for E and Paper

The Magic of Twilight E   The Magic of Twilight

Awaiting Emma, $75 for E and Paper

Awaiting Emma E   Awaiting Emma

       Warrior, $45 for E


Stay With Me, $40 for E                        With All My Heart, $45 for E

Stay With Me                  With All My Heart_E

Homeland, $75 for E and Paper

Homeland E   Homeland

Caught in a Dream, $75 for E and Paper

Caught in a Dream E  Caught in a Dream

Witch Woods, $75 for E and Paper

Witch Woods E   Witch Woods

Witch Woods 2, $75 for E and Paper

Witch Woods 2 E  Witch Woods 2

Firefly, $75 for E and Paper

Firefly E  Firefly

On My Own Set of Three, E only $100

On My Own One On My Own Two On My Own Three

Night Warrior Trio, $200 for all three…price includes E and Paper for each book.

Night Warrior One E  Night Warrior One

Night Warrior Two E  Night Warrior Two

Night Warrior Three E  Night Warrior Three

Dragon Lord, $75 for E and Paper

Dragon Lord E  Dragon Lord

On My Honor, $75 for E and Paper

On My Honor E  On My Honor

On the Edge, $75 for E and Paper

On the Edge E  On the Edge

A Dream Come True, $75 for E and Paper

A Dream Come True E  A Dream Come True full

A Promise, $75 for E and Paper

A Promise E  A Promise

Date Night, $75 for E and Paper

Date Night E  Date Night Full

Dancing in Starlight, $75 for E and Paper

Dancing in Starlight E  Dancing in Starlight Full

Legend of the Woodsman, $75 for E and Paper

Legend of the Woodsman E  Legend of the Woodsman

Masquerade Ball – A boxed set pre-made, $75 – shown flat and cubed



To Hide in Plain Sight – A boxed set pre-made, $75 – shown flat and cubed

tohideinplainsightboxflat tohideinplainsightboxcubed

Dragonfire – A Warrior’s Tale, $75 for E and Paper

Dragonfire - A Warrior's Tale, E   Dragonfire - A Warrior's Tale

To Summon the Lightning, $75 for E and Paper

To Summon the Lightning E  To Summon the Lightning

Fantasy Cover, $75 for E and Paper

Fantasy Cover E   Fantasy Cover

SOLD – Until the Sun Rises, $75 for E and Paper

Until the Sun Rises E   Until the Sun Rises

Someone to Love, $75 for E and Paper

Someone to Love E  Someone to Love

Romance in the Air, $75 for E and Paper

Romance in the Air E   Romance in the Air

Wolf Warrior, $75 for E and Paper

Wolf Warrior   Wolf Warrior

Sultry Sensation, $75 for E and Paper

Sultry Sensation E  Sultry Sensation

Drive-In, $75 for E and Paper

Drive-In E  Drive-In

Once Upon A Time, $75 for E and Paper

Once Upon a Time E  Once Upon a Time

A Girl on the Town, $75 for E and Paper

A Girl on the Town E  A Girl on the Town

Where my Heart Lingers – Civil War Cover, $75 for E and Paper

Where my Heart Lingers - Civil War E Cover   Where my Heart Lingers - Civil War Cover

SOLD Wolf Clan, $75 for E and Paper

Wolf Clan E   Wolf Clan

Keeper of the Wood, $75 for E and Paper

Keeper of the Wood E  Keeper of the Wood

Cinema Starlet, $75 for E and Paper

Cinema Starlet E  Cinema Starlet Paper

Twilight Realm, $75 for both E and Paper

Twilight Realm E   Twilight Realm

High Country, $75 for E and Paper

High Country E   High Country

Undercover, $75 for E and Paper

Undercover E  Undercover

Then There Was You, $75 for E and Paper

Then There Was You E  Then There Was You Paper

Swing Dance, $75 for E and Paper

Swing Dance E   Swing Dance

As You Wish, $75 for E and Paper

As You Wish E   As You Wish Full

When We Dare to Dream, $75 for E and Paper

When We Dare to Dream E  When We Dare to Dream

Flyboy, $75 for E and Paper

Flyboy E   Flyboy full

To Catch the Wind, $75 for E and Paper

To catch the wind E=To catch the wind

One Long Summer Night, $75 for both E and Paper

One long summer night e  One long summer night

Worlds Beyond Our Own $75 for both E and Paper

worlds beyond our own  worlds beyond our own full

To Protect the Stone, $75 for both E and Paper

To Protect the Stone E  To Protect the Stone

Spirits of the Mountain, $75 for E and Paper

Spirits of the mountain E   Spirits of the mountain

Private Party, $75 for both E and Paper

Private Party E  Private Party

Roping the Cowboy, $75 for both E and Paper

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]

A Brand New Home, $75 for both E and Paper

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]

Autumn, $75 for both E and Paper

  Autumn  Autumn

You can Run But You Can’t Hide, $75 for E and Paper

 You can Run  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]

To Face the Unknown (Fantasy), $75 for E and Paper

To Face the unknownE  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]

The Magic of You, $75 for E and Paper

  The Magic of You   The Magic of You

High Adventure, $75 for E and Paper

 High Adventure High Adventure

Winter Queen, $75 for both E and Paper

Winter Queen  Winter Queen

How Legends are Born, $75 for both E and Paper

   How Legends are Born   How Legends are Born

Once the Season Turns, $75 for both E and Paper

Once the Season Turns  Once the Season Turns

It’s Elementary, $75 for both E and Paper

PIt's Elementary  It's Elementary

Time To Fly, $75 for both E and Paper

  Time to Fly  Time to Fly

Time To Fly ii, $75 for both E and Paper

  Time to Fly II   Time to Fly II

Lost in Time 2, $50 for the E. If you want a paper spread as well, it would be $75 for both.


One Moment to Last a Lifetime, $50 for E alone


Hearts Afire, E only, $50

Hearts Afire

Into the Gloaming, $75 for E and Paper

     Into the Gloaming   Into the Gloaming

A Sentry of Wolves, $75 for both E and Paper

   Asentryofwolvesfront  A-sentry-of-Wolvesflat

Maiden of the Ancient Woods, $75 for E and Paper

  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00070]   Maiden of the Ancient Woods

The Lady Loves Her Blues, $75 for both E and Paper

  Theladylovesherbluesfront  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

The Pride of the Highlander, $80 for both E and Paper

 ThePrideoftheHighlanderFront  ThePrideoftheHighlander

The Price of Fame, $75 for both E and Paperback

   The Price of Fame  The Price of Fame

Gods of Fire and Sky, $75 for both E and Paper

  GodsoffireandskyE  Gods of Fire and Sky

A Day in the Country, $75 for both E and Paper

     ADayin-the-CountryE1  A Day in the Country

To Serve the Lady Moon, $75 for both E and Paper

  To Serve the Lady Moon  To Serve the Lady Moon

City Lights Fancy Nights, $75 for both E and Paperback

  City Lights Fancy Nights  City Lights Fancy Nights

When it rains, $75 for both E and Paperback

  When it Rains  When it Rains

    To the Victor, $50 for E


Regal Lady, $75 for both E and Paper

Regal Lady Front  RegalLady

Lady in Field, $40 for E                            Magical Nights, $45 for E

 ladyinfield  MagicalNights

Will You Wait for Me, E alone is $50, E and paperback are $70

 willyouwaitformefrontuse   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

A Day in the Park, Both for $75, E alone is $55.

     ADayatthe-parkFront1   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

     Night Walker, $50 for E      Moonlight Dreaming, $45 for E

  NightWalker   MoonlightDreaming

EACH: Mystic Warrior – Book One or Book Two, $50 each for E or $70 for each set of E and Paper flat.

Mystic Warrior One Front   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

  Mystic Warrior Book Two Front   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Highland Promises, E is $60. Both would be $75. I’ve posted a semi completed paperback flat in case you want both and wish to get an idea of how it will look. No text on back or spine yet.

  HighlandpromisesFront   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Hanging With You, $70 for E and Paper

Hangingwithyoufront   Hanging with you

Lady Makes the Rules, $70 for E and Paper, $50 for E alone.

  LadymakestherulesE2  ladymakestherules2

On the Prowl, $70 for E and Paper, E alone is $50.

  Ontheprowl  On the Prowl

Enchanted Forest, $70 for E and Paper, E alone is $50.

EnchantedForestFront  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Prairie Dreams, $60 for both E and Paper

  prairieDreamsFront  Prairie Dreams

Lost in Time, $70 for E and Paper

lost in time front   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Myth Guardian, $70 for E and Paper

 myth guardian front  myth guardian

Born to be With You, $70 for both E and Paper

born to be with you front  Born to be with you

Dreaming BW, $75 for both E and Paper

Dreaming_Thumb300   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Mercenary, $75 for E and Paper

  mercenaryfront  Mercenary

Urban Future Two, $75 for both E and Paper

urbantwo front   urbanFutureTwo

Seductive, $75 for both E and Paper

JazzCarFront   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Sultry Nights, $75 for both E and Paper

      SultryNightsFront     Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

My Scottish Highlander, $75 for both E and Paper

scotshighfront    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Do You Trust Me, $75 for both E and Paper

Doyoutrustmefront    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Urban Fantasy 2, $75 for both E and Paper

urbanhero23    urban2full23

A Knight’s Choice, $75 for both E and Paper

    AKnightschoicefront  AknightsChoiceUse

Princess Moon, $75 for both E and Paper

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

Night Life, $75 for both E and Paper

Nightlifefront   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

Waiting by the waterfall, $75 for both E and Paper

waitingbythewaterfallfront  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

Only For Her, $75 for bothE and Paper

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]

Dream Knight, $75 for both E and Paper

  dream knight front Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

Time to Travel, $75 for bothE and Paper

timetotravelrevfront   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]

In the Twilight, $50 for E      Young Hearts Run Free, $50 for E

In the twilight  YoungHeartsRaceFree

Cherish the Night, $50 for E

Cherish the Night

     Rock Band, $50 for E             Lovers Tryst, $60 for E

rockband    Loverstryst

Urban Future, $60 for E


I Will Wait For You, $50 for E   Once a Princess, $40 for E

I will wait for you2     OnceaPrincess

Starlight, $50 for E

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

In Your Dreams, E and Paper, $75

InyourdreamsFront    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

So Whispers the Heart, E and Paper, $75

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]   Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]

Magical Lake, $60 for E             City Lights, $60 for E

Medieval lady     Citylights

 Goth, $60 for E                           Cowboy Modern 2, $60 for E

     Gothrev1  cowboymodern21-6-14

      Shattered, $50 for E


 When Dreams Come True, $60 for E   Memories of You, $65 for E

 WhendreamscometrueUSE2                   Vintage background with frames and flowers

      Urban Heroes, $65 for E


A Day at the Fair, $60 for E


White wolf and scotsman, $50 for E        Scots Love, $65 for E

 whitewolfscotsman                  scotslove2usethumb300

 Couple at the Fair, $50 for E


Time Walker, $60  for E                  Dapper Dan, $50 for E

timewalkercover       DapperDan

Girl, sword, castle, tomb, $60 for E           Princess and Knight, $70 for E

Girlswordcastletomb1                            princessandknight

Roman Falls, $60 for E                         Dancing on the clouds, $65 for E

Romanfalls                      dancingontheclouds

Deadly Desire, $60 for E


  Victorian Heart, $60 for E     Waiting in the Garden, $60 for E

   victorian heart2   Waitinginthegarden

Mystery Afoot, $60 for E          Sunset Moments, $60 for E

Mysteryafoot     sunsetmoments

Snow Queen, $60 for E           How West was Really Won, $70 for E

SnowQueen    Howwestwasreallywon

Western Couple/Hay/Saddle, $60 for E          Tiger Sensual, $60 for E

westerncouplehay                               TigerSensual

Medieval One, $70  for E           Medieval Two, $70 for E

medievalone    medievaltwo

Golden Regency, $60 for E    Victorian Yellow Leaves, $60 for E

goldenregency    regencyyellowleaves

Tranquil $60 for for E and paper


Wolf, Woman, Sword, $60 for E                I Do, $50 for E

wolfwomansword    I do

On The Town, $60 for E                Celtic Castle, $60 for E

Onthetown      celticcastle

      Follow Me, $50 for E          Cherished Memories, $50 for E

    FollowMeCover   Cherishedmemories

Scots woman in field set, $75 for both the E and the paper

frontscotswomaninfield     scotswomaninfield

 Scotsman Body, $40 for E            Fox Warrior, $40 for E

scotsmanbodyrev      Foxwarrior3

Magic Blue Castle, $60 for E          All Jazz, $50 for E

magicbluecastle    AllJazzCover

Enchanted, $50 for E                   Retro Couple 1, $60 for E

enchanted      retrocouple1

Roaring 20s, Outline, $50 for E       Gold and Rose Oval, $50 for E

roaring20outline              GoldandRoseOval

Retro Couple 2, $60 for E              Military 1, $65 for E

Retrocouple2     Military1

 Starlight Maiden, $50 for E          Blue Lady, $40 for E

Starlightmaiden      bluelady

  Dark Lady, $60 for E             Lady with flower vase, $60 for E

Darklady     Ladywithflowervase

         Lady of Enchantment, $60 for E


              Scots Couple 3, $60 for E


                  Fairy Child, $50 for E


Girl in Hay Meadow, $50 for E      Dream Catcher Dreams, $50 for E

Girlhayfield              dreamcatcherdreams

  Girl with Stake, $40 for E              Dreaming, $60 for E

  girlwithstake    Dreaming2

Sunflower Sunset, $50 for E     Scotsman Blue, $50 for E

Sunflowersunset    scotsmanblue

    Fairy and Unicorn, $60 for E          Goddess, $60 for E

     fairy and unicorn  greekgoddesscover

        Man in Suit, $60 for E

      man in city

 Purple Lady with Sword, $60 for E        Kingdom Dragon couple, $60 for E

purplewomansword                           KingdomDragonCouple

  Superhero, $50 for E                         Lady Oval, $55 for E

Superhero      LadyinOval

Purple Fantasy, $50 for E


Golden Warriors, $60 for E         Man with Sword, $60 for E


       Girl on Horse, $60 for E


Couple with Lion Banner, $50 for E     Soldier Moon, $50 for E

    CoupleLionbanner           soldiermoon

      Anguish, $60 for E                             Steam, $50 for E

    Anguish    Steam

Knight Castle, $55 for E                         Pirate 2, $55 for E

Medieval castle      piratecover2

 Southern Belle, $50 for E             Medieval Couple, $50 for E

SouthernBelle        medievalcouple

Girl City, $40 for E                              Wolf Girl $50 for E


     Man on horse, $40 for E              Enchantment $60 for E


   Purple Embrace $50 for E          Daydreaming $60 for E


 Scots Girl with Sword $60 for E   Girl and Castle $50 for E


Girl/Child Warrior $50 for E       Moonlight Kiss $60 for E


   Got You $60 for E                    Couple by waterfall, $50 for E


Princess Sword Fire $50 for E       Lady with Fan, $50 for E


    Warrior on Black, $50 for E

 warrior on black

Purple Victorian, (E and full paperback flat, $65)


Couple Castle $60 for E                         Longing $40 for E


Detective and Girl, $60 for E    Scotsman and Woman, $60 for E

        scotsman andwoman

18th Century Couple, $60 for E     Western Couple Lake, $60 for E

  18thCcouple1       WesternCoupleLake

Little Girl, $40 for E                        Red Starlight, $50 for E

littlegirl      redstarlight

 Romantic Moonlight, $50 for E, two choices, blue or gold – your choice

Romanticmoonlight      Romanticmoonlightgolden

Woman and Tree $60 for E         Old Film $30 for E


Oval Fantasy $60 for E              Wolf and Moon $40 for E


    Urban $40 for E                             Princess $40 for E


     Celtic Girl and Stones  $65 for (ebook and flat – to be sized for fit upon purchase)

    CelticgirlStones  celticgirlfull6x9

   KnightSword, $45 for E                       Moai, $30 for E


    Helmet $25 for E                                   Jackal $45 for E


     Country Winter $30 for E          Girl in Weeds $30 for E


            Egypt One $25 for E

     egypt one

Egypt 3, $20 for E                             Statue lady $25 for E


Lighthouse / lady $30 for E           Lighthouse Oval, $25 for E


  Knights on Horses $30 for E             Hands $25 for E


     Red Shoes $30 for E                      Feet YA $30 for E


 Mirrored lady $40 for E                 Lady on Stairs, $40 for E


  Lady with Sword, $40 for E   Cowboy at Sunset, $40 for E


Archer in Forest, $40 for E       Girl Red Rose, $3o for E

ArcherForest2  girlatwindowred

Totem, $25 for E